API documentation

Epydoc-generated API documentation for the rdflib package.

General notes

Sphinx-epydoc integration is achievable manually, by finessing epydoc and sphinx:

$ mkdir -p doc/_build/html/api
$ epydoc -o doc/_build/html/api --docformat reStructuredText --html rdflib

Then generate documentation with Sphinx:

$ sphinx-build doc doc/_build/html

Sphinx will generate the narrative documentation HTML docs alongside the existing epydoc-generated HTML docs.

Generating a local copy of the API docs

To generate a local copy of the API documentation, install the epydoc package and use the following command-line instruction to create a set of rdflib API docs in the directory ./apidocs (relative to cwd):

$ epydoc -o apidocs --docformat reStructuredText --html rdflib

November 06, 2010

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